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PUBG Mobile developer Krafton has announced a collaboration with the famous Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi. And to celebrate the occasion, there will be some in-game events.

The first PUBG Mobile event has already started, but it will run until December 18, so there is still time to complete it. The second one actually started today, but runs until January 3rd, so grab it now. There is also one final event that runs from 2022. November 23 until December 31 For details see further on.

PUBG Mobile: Lionel Messi Event Phases

1) Exclusive collaboration sweater

The event will take place from 2022. November 10 until December 18 After completing it, participants will be awarded with an exclusive Lionel Messi shirt, which players can decorate with their characters.

2) Messi’s golden boots

Messi’s golden boot event will start from 2022. November 17 until 2023 January 3 Just like the first event, completing it will reward you with Lionel Messi’s golden boots, which can also be customized for in-game characters.

Lionel Messi won the Golden Boot award six times while playing for Barcelona. This is the record that any player has achieved.

3) Clothing and items

The clothing and item event will take place from 2022. November 23 until December 31 The event can be a great deal for players. The venerable event features plenty of Lionel Messi-related clothing and items.

PUBG Mobile celebrates the arrival of the World Cup

According to some sources, Messi’s golden boot event will start in 2022. November 18 along with the 2.3.0 update. The game will have a football theme and the event will be called Football Mania. The event and cooperation is for occasional visits to the World Cup.

Since Lionel Messi is also a collaborator, there is no response from his side yet. However, he will definitely enjoy the event as Messi loves to enjoy video games (he plays PUBG Mobile with his friends).


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