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Released on October 17, 2022

Waste Reduction Week (17-23 October 2022) is a good opportunity to think about the amount and type of waste you produce. On average, only half of the material in dustbins belongs there. The rest can be diverted to other programs, such as recycling and composting.

“Saskatchewan offers one of the most robust suites of recycling programs in Canada,” said Environment Minister Dana Skoropad. “We’ve made great strides in reducing our waste as a province, and when waste is managed responsibly, it helps maintain the health and safety of our province.”

Saskatchewan residents have access to many recycling services, including:

In addition to recycling, there are small steps you can take to make a big difference, including starting a garden compost to keep food waste out of landfills, donating things you no longer need or reducing the amount of disposables you buy.

“The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is pleased that the province has recognized Waste Reduction Week,” said Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Executive Director Joanne Fedyk. “We encourage everyone to use this week to focus on reducing waste, and to consider new ways to consume less in our homes, our workplaces and our communities. There are many resources, including our Waste Reduction Hub, to gather ideas from. “

Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan: The Next Decade of Growth 2020-30 foresees 1.4 million people living in the province by 2030. With this goal in mind, we need a strategic approach to managing our solid waste to ensure our landfills are not overwhelmed and that the environment remains. healthy and resilient.

Saskatchewan’s Solid Waste Management Strategy outlines long-term waste reduction goals in the province, addresses ongoing waste management challenges and identifies potential new economic opportunities for the industry.

Visit the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council website to learn more about Waste Reduction Week.


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