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India, 31 October 2022: YOUniTE, through its Investment Banking Operations course, is poised to make a significant difference. Calling all interested candidates to enroll, the Certified Investment Banking Asset Servicing Professional (CIBASP) course offers the best industry insights through an experienced group of professionals.

There are some private institutions that provide courses in investment banking, but the issue is not addressed as these courses are largely theoretical and do not translate into the practical skills required on the job.

Also keep in mind the fact that there is a need to train not only fresh graduates but also people who have joined investment banking but are struggling to cope with the work environment and operational processes, there are 2 variants of this course, one for freshers and the other for professionals with experience 6 + month.

investment banking is the branch of banking that coordinates large and complex financial transactions such as mergers or underwriting initial public offerings (IPOs).
investment banking is the branch of banking that coordinates large and complex financial transactions such as mergers or underwriting initial public offerings (IPOs).

Advantages of courses offered –

– you are well versed in the actual processes you need to handle the work

– equipped with communication skills to interact with peers, seniors and customers, Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to identify and fill any gaps

– Task-based, and carefully designed by professionals with over 70+ years of collective experience in Investment Banking operations

– Using the DIAL Approach – giving participants an almost real ‘day in the life’ experience

A career in Investment banking operations has become a popular choice in recent years as it is a prestigious profession with a clear career growth path.

Let us try and understand more about this industry.

Investment banking is the branch of banking that coordinates large and complex financial transactions such as mergers or underwriting of initial public offerings (IPOs). In addition to underwriting the issuance of new securities for a company, they also help raise money for the business in a number of other ways.

As investment banking operations are vast, complex and complex, a large team is required to support these operations.

Over the past 15 to 20 years, many leading global investment banks have set up facilities in India called Global Capability Centers (GCCs) to support their operations. Some of these investment banks are:

  • Bank of New York Mellon
  • Citigroup
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • State Street Bank and Trust
  • BNP Paribas
  • Northern Trust Corporation
  • HSBC

One of the main reasons for this rapid growth in India is the fact that compared to locations in Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, India offers the advantage of scaling up quickly due to the continued availability of an English-speaking talent pool.

The number of institutions setting up GCCs in India has grown consistently over the years.

One very important service that investment banks provide to clients is custodial service.

As custodians, they hold securities (stocks, bonds etc) and cash related to securities transactions on behalf of their clients. They also handle the settlement of securities transactions on their behalf and provide a range of related services such as reporting, securities lending or corporate action processing.

These custody services are called asset services. Asset servicing refers to the entire range of services offered by custodians to their clients regarding assets entrusted to their care.

Most GCCs established by global Investment banks in India, handle this asset servicing process. Hence, many job opportunities exist in the Asset Servicing domain.

This offers excellent career options and growth paths for fresh graduates and post-graduates from any stream.

At the entry level, candidates are recruited in the “Analyst” profile, and sincere hard-working performers can quickly climb the ladder from

Within a few years with a steady and significant increase in your salary package.

However, it takes some preparation and grooming to get into this investment banking field. You must be ready and willing to make changes to gain entry as the field is highly sought after.

Currently, many global investment banks hire new graduate and post-graduate students, fresh out of college and then have to spend a lot of time and resources in training them to equip them with the skills and resources needed to perform the duties of an analyst.

YOUniTE begins where formal education ends. They are pioneers in delivering industry-agreed skills, competencies, and experience, and bring an end-to-end ecosystem to support the unique talent needs of individuals and institutions.

Further, the platform includes professional coaches, trainers and mentors with a collective experience of 70+ years and internalized wisdom needed to build Next Generation talent. Abhishek, one of the Co-Founders brings over 17 years of experience in the Investment Banking Operations & Finance Industry, primarily with Northern Trust & State Street. He grew in the industry from an entry-level Analyst role to a Senior Vice President and leaves a strong track record of success in managing Operations, Talent Development, Driving Location Strategy, Transformation programs and stakeholder relations. Abhishek is passionate about impacting People, Enterprises and Communities by building talent pipelines and creating growth environments for People and Organizations.

Sumit, Co-Founder of YOUniTE, comes with 15+ years of experience in International Higher Education Recruiting, and Sales & Marketing in the Indian & Southeast Asian markets. He has transformed a start-up company into a highly successful organization that supports students from India in their quest to find suitable educational and growth opportunities abroad. He has an MBA from Germany, with a specialization in Business Consulting. Moreover, Sumit comes with the same passion and drive to contribute significantly to talent development.

Overall, CIBASP’s YOUniTE program is poised to positively transform the industry’s talent pipeline.

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