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London, United Kingdom, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Renovi, a leading metaverse marketplace and design studio has teamed up with Telegraph Media Group; and Twipe, a leading Belgium-based digital publishing, analytics and personalization platform, to showcase the opportunities available to publishers in the metaverse, at the Twipe Digital Growth Summit 2022, in London.

At the summit, the three companies spoke to more than 100 leading publishers worldwide to discuss how emerging technologies such as the metaverse, Web3 and AI will reshape how news is consumed in the future and what impact this will have on the media industry.

Session participants were guided through Decentraland’s metaverse to see the breadth of what is possible with 3D design and software development.

Renovi partnered with Decentraland to create, in its Crypto Valley Convention Center, a dedicated event and conference space – fully branded for the Digital Growth Summit including special banners and a video showcase.

Adonis Zachariades, co-founder of Renovi – the leading NFT marketplace for architects, 3D designers and developers in the metaverse – led a hands-on session – demonstrating how media can use the metaverse to reach new audiences and offer more immersive experiences.

Howard Elston, Principal Creative Technologist at The Telegraph, took attendees through a step-by-step interactive experience on how to create an NFT, set up their own crypto wallet and gave them their own uniquely designed collectible token.

Zachariades said: “We are delighted with how successful the session was. We had fantastic engagement from attendees, who left with a much greater understanding of the opportunities that NFTs and the metaverse can offer the media sector – and why they need to keep these new technologies in mind to ensure that their stores are not left behind.”

Howard Elston said, “Our collaboration with Twipe & Renvoi Studios provided the perfect platform for attendees to experience the metaverse firsthand and demystify NFTs.”

Danny Lein, CEO and founder of Twipe said: “It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of the next wave of innovation. As a leading technology provider in the publishing industry, it’s Twipe’s responsibility to understand these new immersive technologies and help publishers realize their full potential they can offer to the news industry.”



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About Renovi
Since its launch in early 2021, Renovi – the first NFT marketplace for architects, 3D designers and developers in the metaverse – has built a community of 3D architects and creators, brands and virtual land enthusiasts. The specialized marketplace and design studio has already created high-profile designs and is based on multiple metaverses.

About Twipe
Twipe is a Belgian technology company offering state-of-the-art digital publishing and analytics SaaS platforms developed in close collaboration with leading newspapers. Twipe is an innovation and technology leader in the field of digital circulation-based publishing, helping newspapers such as The Telegraph, Le Parisien, Le Monde and Ouest-France to increase their subscription and readership revenues. Every month, 10 million digital editions are downloaded from our platform.



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