Saweetie quit social media ‘to protect her mental health’ | Entertainment | Techy Kings


Saweetie has been “off social media for a year”.

The 29-year-old rap star has revealed that she took a step back from social media platforms for the sake of her mental health.

When asked how long she’s been off social media, Saweetie explained: “One year! One year. Because I had brand deals, so I had to discover posts, but I’ve been off social media for a year.”

The ‘Best Friend’ hitmaker admits the move has helped protect her “peace”.

She told Complex, “Sometimes I work out for the good. Sometimes I work out for whatever you want to call it. I protected my mental health by keeping and protecting my peace from negativity.”

Saweetie has had a rapid rise in recent years. But she actually looks back on the early days of her career with fondness.

The rapper – who studied at the University of Southern California before switching her focus to music – shared: “I miss college Saweetie and meeting other creatives. I just wanted to do something different.

“Now everyone wants to charge every second and it kind of just takes the art out of it.”

Despite this, Saweetie feels she has learned from some of her past mistakes.

When asked what advice she would give to her younger self, she replied: “Take your time. And don’t do it [jump] at the first opportunity.

“I felt that those tough lessons definitely made me a wiser woman, but I think I should have just taken my time… Who [you] surrounding yourself really affects the trajectory of your career.”

Saweetie has always been keen to support new artists.

However, the chart-topping star claims she has “figured it all out” herself.

She explained: “I just love new artists. Nobody reached out to me or helped me, I figured it all out myself. More women who are in a position to help the younger women, we should because nobody helped me.

“But instead of having a chip on my shoulder, you have to be the difference you want to see. So that’s what I’m doing.”


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