Secure your social media accounts in the midst of Twitter chaos | Techy Kings


SALT LAKE CITY — With the recent mass exodus of employees from Twitter, there are heightened concerns about the platform’s security, and cybersecurity experts say this is a good time to make sure your social media accounts are secure.

“The threat landscape on Twitter is increasing right now. Vulnerabilities for Twitter are increasing right now,” said Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT. “And certainly users of Twitter right now should be thinking about making sure — when they interact with the platform — that they’re using best practices to stay safe.”

Foote said it’s likely that there are fewer eyes monitoring and protecting Twitter these days. But he added that social media in general “is a breeding ground for cybercrime.”

Millions of accounts, he said, are hacked on Facebook every month.

“I think any time you interact with a social media company on these apps, I think you have to be very careful,” said Adam Marre, director of information security at Arctic Wolf and a former FBI agent. “I don’t think any of what I would tell anybody has changed depending on what’s going on [Twitter].”

Marre acknowledged that the current situation at the company “raises concerns a little bit in the short term,” but he stressed that social media users on all platforms need to do better at protecting their privacy and personal information.

“It’s your responsibility online to be safe,” he said, adding that people need to educate themselves about it.

“The bottom line is that you should always be aware and cautious of an increased sense of risk when dealing with social media platforms.”

Foote recommended a few specific things to secure your account, including:

  • Stay away from DMs or direct messages with sensitive information.
  • Use a highly rated password manager to get a secure password.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication to add another layer of security to accessing your account.
  • And lock your personal data in the settings.

He also said you can request from Twitter what information they have about you and make sure you’re comfortable with what they have.

Marre said he believes we need legislation at the federal level to protect data to a greater degree.

“I don’t think people would be comfortable with it if they really knew how powerful this information can be,” Marre said. “Even if you don’t use the app very much, if that app is on your phone, it usually collects a lot of information about you.”


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