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Thiruvananthapuram Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor announced in 1919. cartoon strip predicting how technology will affect human life on Twitter. Tharoor found the cartoon eerily predictable and the prophecy unlikely. He mentioned the lack of landline telephones during the period when the cartoon was made. “Hardly possible, but predictions about technology (usually way too far off) have been terrifyingly prescient at times,” Tharoor tweeted, adding that the cartoon predicted cell phones when even landlines were rare.

“The cell phone: when will it ring!” was the title of a cartoon that illustrates the many scenarios in which a cell phone may ring. One photo shows a man rushing to board a train when his phone rings, while another shows him trying to pick up the phone despite his hands being full.

The laugh-out-loud animation depicts scenarios where it would be difficult to answer the phone, such as when it’s raining, at a concert or at a wedding. in one of the illustrations, the phone rings as the guy is about to hold the baby, much to the annoyance of the woman, who remarks, “That bell is scaring the poor tick.”

“The latest modern horror on the road to invention would have to be the pocket phone.” We can imagine the moments this instrument will choose for action! (WK Haselden),” reads the quote at the end of the cartoon strip.

Netizens admire the cartoonist’s vision, as the image is very similar to how the use of mobile phones has changed after all these years.

One user wrote: “Pretty humorous prediction.”

“Really scary,” wrote a second user.

Another user called the cartoon a “gem.”

This cartoon strip is extremely important considering how much people today admire their smartphones and how they see them as extensions of their personalities.

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