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LONDON, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MODERN living can weaken family relationships, but stories have the power to overcome challenges and help families connect.

A new app now makes it possible to live a busy life, live away from loved ones and still build a happy and connected family.

It takes the best parts of social media posts and chat messages and combines them into a platform where families can privately share stories about their lives, and the lives of parents and grandparents. The app is designed to engage families in interesting discussions, while creating a lasting legacy of accessible family stories.

Andrew Ronaldfounder of Simirity, was motivated by his family’s own situation.

He said: “After unexpected health issues affected our family, I knew we had to find a way to make the most of our time together. But it’s difficult when we live apart. Recording our family’s stories would be a great way for us to connect with each other digitally, relive the past and ensure our stories are passed on to future generations.

“We were already sharing posts and messages on social media, but we had privacy issues, disliked ads and worried that our stories would get lost.

“So as a family, we built an app that can help all families like ours. It’s the online home for families. Now even our busy lives, pandemics and long distances can’t separate families.”

COVID-19 reminded many families of the pain that comes from not being able to visit family regularly. However, this is an ongoing reality for many families, as different generations live in different cities and countries, due to work, economic problems and war.

Andrew explained that this is one of the biggest challenges for expats: “Having lived half my life outside of my parents’ home country, I’ve always tried to find digital ways to stay connected, but the usual solutions have never been enough. None of them focus on family needs, or encourages the kind of family communication that leads to stronger relationships.

“It felt like weakening family ties was the price we had to pay for living apart. Thankfully, I was wrong. With Simirity, our family has never been closer, and we’re just getting started.”

Simirity will be available to the public in December 2022 at Families can join for free and optionally upgrade to full-fledged family subscriptions from 120 USD per year.

For great savings on subscriptions and the chance to gift subscriptions this Christmas, visit the recently launched Kickstarter campaign at – stories.

For media inquiries contact

Andrew RonaldSimirity Ltd, [email protected]+36 304020951

Notes to editors

  • Simirity is a family owned business in the UK.
  • Simirity will be available worldwide, in English only at launch.
  • Simirity is a progressive web app (PWA), meaning users can access the app from their browser, on any device. No app download required.
  • A key point of differentiation is the lack of advertising or monetization of customer data. Prefer to offer a paid subscription to cover costs.

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