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Social media remains real estate agents’ top technology tool for lead generation, with 46% of respondents reporting it was their top technology-driven source of leads, according to a new survey report from National Association of Realtors.

The most popular social media app among the random sample of real estate agents surveyed was Facebookwhere 89% of respondents reported using the app, followed by Instagram of 59%, LinkedIn of 53%, Youtube of 26%, Twitter of 19% and Tick ​​thanks at 12%.

Other lead generation tools included local MLS tools (30%) and their CRM (26%). Listing aggregator sites were found to be the least helpful, with only 16% reporting these sites as their best technology tool for lead generation.

Additionally, nearly half of the agents surveyed don’t spend much on lead generation, according to the survey results, with 24% spending less than $50 a month and 25% spending between $50 and $250 a month. Only 18% spend more than $500 a month on lead generation.

Despite social media being named the top lead generation tool, only 36% of respondents reported using social media to find leads. According to the survey, the most popular uses of social media were to promote listings (63%) and build and maintain relationships with existing customers (57%), while 59% of respondents said they were on social media because they expected to have a presence.

While social media proved to be a valuable tool for agents, respondents reported that the technology tool that had the greatest impact on their business over the past 12 months was eSignature, with 79% of respondents reporting this as the most effective, followed by of lock boxes (67%) and local MLS applications/technology (67%).

Looking ahead to the next two years, 31% of respondents said cybersecurity tools will have a high impact, followed by 5G (30%), drones (27%) and artificial intelligence (15%).

The majority of respondents reported that their broker provides them with all the technology tools they need to be successful, with 35% of agents agreeing with this statement and 26% strongly agreeing. Only 15% of respondents either disagreed or strongly agreed with this statement.

Of the tools provided by their brokers, it was no surprise that 67% of respondents found eSignature the most valuable, followed by lockbox/showing tech (53%), transaction management tools (45%), video conferencing (40%) and CRM platforms (35%).

Additionally, nearly half (47%) of respondents reported that the technology fees charged by their broker are worth the value, while 12% said the price paid is not worth the value. Another 38% of respondents stated that their broker does not charge for the technology provided. Overall, 55% of respondents reported spending between $0 and $250 per month on tech tools.

On the MLS side, respondents reported that technology provided by their local MLS included property data and history (85%), sales statistics (81%), public records search (75%), and listing syndication (72%).

While the majority of respondents (72%) reported being extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with MLS’s technology offerings, 12% were on the dissatisfied side of the spectrum and 2% indicated they do not use any of the technology tools provided by their MLS.


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