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Laurie Petrou’s literary thriller “Stargazer” is among a trio of titles picked up by Canadian production company Nikki Ray Media Agency as it continues to expand into scripted content.

The coming-of-age novel “Stargazer” revolves around two friends from affluent backgrounds in 1995 and examines female friendship. The novel debuted in June, made several best-of lists and is currently in its third printing.

In addition to “Stargazer,” Nikki Ray has also optioned Jennifer Robertson’s “Bitcoin Widow,” the true story of a woman and her husband who owned the cryptocurrency agency Quadriga. When the husband died on their honeymoon, the wife discovered disturbing truths about the company – including a missing $250 million.

Prodco also confirmed that it has optioned Dean Jobb’s “The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream,” a true crime mystery about a Canadian serial killer named Dr. Thomas Neill Cream which targeted the women who came to him for help with medical abortions in the 1890s.

The options are the latest from the company as it continues to expand into the scripted space. Recently, Nikki Ray did four TV romantic films under the banner ‘The Love Club’. The films will premiere as part of the winter 2023 schedule for Canadian media group Corus Entertainment.

“Our goal at Nikki Ray is to always produce content that resonates with audiences, regardless of genre,” Mike Sheerin, co-CEO and executive producer at Nikki Ray Media Agency, said in a statement to Amount.

“With so many wonderful, rich and complex stories in the script room, we felt it was the perfect time to expand our portfolio and collaborate with partners like Laurie Petrou to realize their vision. We look forward to developing even more projects for audiences to enjoy of as we expand our footprint in the scripted world.”

In Canada, Nikki Ray is the company behind internationally sold titles including “The Big Bake”, “Great Chocolate Showdown” and “Fire Masters”.

“We are so excited to be working with Laurie Petrou to adapt her incredible novel for the big screen,” added Tanya Linton, co-CEO and executive producer in a release. “‘Stargazer’ is such a compelling story that has already captivated readers around the world. We look forward to adapting it into a highly engaging series.”


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