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T-Mobile is one of the few US carriers that offers customers the option to avoid the so-called “ancillary support fee” if they sign up online. Unfortunately, this will no longer be possible as Un-carrier is training its staff for a new support policy that requires customers to pay a flat “device connection fee”. According to leaked internal documents TMO.Report, T-Mobile’s new Device Connection Charge (DCC) is a one-time fee of $35 (plus applicable fees) to connect a new device to the network when activated or upgraded with T-Mobile. In most cases this could previously have been avoided by simply placing an order online.

A new fee applies for each activated or updated device. More importantly, orders with multiple devices are charged per device. There is a long list of transactions that require T-Mobile customers to pay a $35 fee. Fortunately, there are exceptions that could save customers $35. Here are all the scenarios where you won’t be charged for DCC:

Automatic Exemptions

  • National Retail Orders (Apple, Best Buy, Costco, etc.)
  • Activation of DIGITS Talk & Text and PROXY by DIGITS
  • JUMP! And DANCE! Updates as needed
  • Activating or renewing T-Mobile for Business customers through direct and indirect sales or care
  • Accounts are activated through the activation channel or Puerto Rico Care because they use Samson, which does not support DCC
  • New lines that have been charged DCC in the last 14 days
  • Switching from Sprint to T-Mobile.
  • Prepaid activation and renewal
  • Changing a SIM or eSIM on an existing line

Manual exceptions

  • When placing an order for a replacement device, the customer has already paid DCC for the first order
  • Completing a like-for-like device replacement order in DASH due to T-Mobile error (damaged, broken, order not received, boxed accessory missing)

Leaked documents suggest that T-Mobile may introduce a new $35 fee starting November 15th, just in time for its big Black Friday sale. On the other hand, home internet and other lines from November 3. will charge the existing Assisted Support Charge, which on November 15 will be changed to DCC.


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