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The Influencer Marketing Platform introduces a new visual identity in tandem with new technology

SANTA MONICA, California, November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the best influencer marketing and social intelligence platform Tag Media announces its new brand, including new service offerings and a refreshed visual identity. In addition to its new look and feel, the platform now offers an integrated affiliate marketing solution on the heels of a new price estimator that recently went live.

“As marketers ourselves, we are intimately familiar with the challenges our brands and agencies face every day,” said Dave Dickman, CEO of Tagger Media. “The new offerings that accompany our new look and feel will allow our customers to more seamlessly drive performance, maximize return on investment and track accurate results.”

The timing of the rebranding coincides with the launch of a new integrated affiliate marketing solution from Tagger. Driven by SET, it simplifies and streamlines conversion tracking for users with existing affiliate networks, as well as overall conversion tracking that is agnostic to an affiliate network. This integration enables companies to track and manage performance-based partnerships seamlessly through a single dashboard. It also provides flexibility to support all campaign needs, from measuring traffic to sales to top performing affiliates and content creators.

“We continue to evolve alongside the digital marketing industry with new integrations and services that meet the sophisticated needs of our clients,” said Chris Gesualdi, product manager at Tagger Media. “This new functionality helps users track creator-level attribution cleanly and efficiently, whether using an existing affiliate network or running the entire affiliate workflow through Tagger.”

Earlier this month, Tagger also launched a price estimation tool that empowers users to get a handle on creator expectations, find the most affordable partnerships, and make cost-effectiveness decisions. The estimated fees are based on average compensation costs per creator level drawn from a combination of publicly available and Tagger’s own anonymized first-party data. These average costs allow Tagger to establish benchmarks for each creator level, platform and content type, and calculate estimated fees unique to each creator’s follower size and platform activity.

In addition, Tagger’s platform now includes fully customizable formulas for calculating engagement rates, ensuring that performance calculations align with each organization’s unique practices. Coming soon: enhancement to Signals, Tagger’s social intelligence engine, includes report templates that make it easier than ever for users to perform competitive analysis, share of voice, industry trends and earned media value reports with just a few clicks.

About Tagger Media

Tagger Media has revolutionized the social media marketing industry for some of today’s biggest brands and agencies, including Omnicom, Havas Media, Ralph Lauren, Ketchum, Social Chain, Spindrift, Takumi, Valvoline and Dolce & Gabbana. The data-driven social intelligence platform allows marketers to plan campaigns, maximize workflow efficiency, connect with creators and accurately measure ROI. For more information, visit taggermedia.com.

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