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Two women and two men at podiums in front of a white background.
US House candidates at Alaska Public Media’s state debate Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022 (Hailey Barnes/Alaska Public Media)

Alaskans across the state are already voting for major changes to our election system. Voters use the new ranked-choice method to choose the state’s next governor, US House and a US Senate seat. We’ll break down the questions and candidate answers from our latest series of debates to clarify their positions on the next Talk of Alaska

HOST: Lori Townsend


Liz Ruskin – Washington DC Correspondent, Alaska Public Media

Jeremy Hsieh – Anchorage & Southcentral Reporter, Alaska Public Media


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Comparison tool for candidates

State Debate: Alaska Governor

Debate for the State: US House

Debate for the State: United States Senate

Live broadcast: Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. on Alaska Public Radio stations statewide.

This story stems directly from input from voters like you. Alaska Public Media reached out to voters across the state both online and in person to find out what you want to know this election season. Read more about our voter outreach and our collaboration with other local news organizations here.

Find other election coverage and voter resources at Easily compare candidates with our new interactive tool!

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Remember: Early voting locations are already open. You can still receive an absentee ballot via fax or online delivery. Do you have other questions about the election? Get answers through our partners at KTOO by filling out the box below.


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