The international diary has decreased by 13 percent – Channel News | Techy Kings


Barring Apple, the top five notebook brands are down 13% from a month ago and 40% in October.

Demand for notebooks from the enterprise and education sectors is waning, and product churn at the consumer retail level has been exceptionally slow, which explains the decline in shipments.

Top players in the notebook PC market are Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Dell, Asus and Huawei. Other key players include Acer, etc.

Acer and Asus both fell more than 20% in shipments in October due to lack of consumer demand.

Combined notebook shipments of the top-3 ODMs fell 13 percent month-on-month in October. Quanta’s shipments took a big dive during the month as most of Apple’s backorders were satisfied in September.

According to Notebook Tracker, Dell was the only company among the top five brands to post shipment growth during the month, led by demand in the enterprise sector on a comparatively low September basis.


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