The mobile optometry service is useful for many carnival visitors | Techy Kings


A MOBILE optometry service called SpecTruck attracted a large number of visitors to a community carnival in Ward 7, Kota Damansara in Petaling Jaya.

Many wanted to have their eyes examined by an optometrist.

Mother of five Noorhaziah A. Rahim brought her oldest son in because she felt he might need glasses.

“I just finished my check-up and the optometrist recommended new glasses because my power has increased,” said 33-year-old Noorhaziah.

Housewife Aliza Mat Alib is relieved that her vision has not deteriorated.

“My power has stayed the same, so I don’t need to change the glasses I have.

“This is my first time checking out a mobile truck and I’m happy with the service,” said the 58-year-old.

Noorhaziah and Aliza, both residents of Ward 8, Kota Damansara, later underwent a joint health check-up in another mobile truck at the carnival.

Festival Gegar Keluarga Sungai Buloh Community Carnival featured optometry and health screening services.

Visitors to the half-day event enjoyed cooking demonstrations, community sports such as street football and a careers fair.

There was also a fun coloring contest for children.


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