The owner of an Oregon mobile home community is under investigation for possible voter intimidation | Techy Kings


CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. (KPTV) – The Oregon Division of Elections is investigating the owner of a mobile home for possible voter intimidation, the Secretary of State’s office said Tuesday.

October 27 In an emailed complaint, the Elections Division told the owner of a mobile home community in Johnson City, a small community between Milwaukee and Gladstone, that the office had received numerous investigative requests alleging he had violated Oregon election law.

The complaint alleges that the landlord sent a letter to members of the mobile home community stating that the rent would increase if the proposed local measure was passed. It is also suspected that the man did this while performing official duties as a civil servant.

No additional information, including a proposed discussion instrument, has been released. FOX 12 reached out to find out more.

The investigation is ongoing and the Division of Elections is reviewing it to determine appropriate action. The owner has not been charged at this time.


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