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SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. – This is a kitchen on wheels.

The Santa Barbara County Food Bank is getting creative with its new cooking basket.

“We’re making a really easy pumpkin soup with a flashlight so you can make it anytime, not just on Halloween,” said Nancy Martz, founder and CEO of Apple’s Zucchini Cooking School.

Through Foodbank’s Sharehouse campaign, directors aim to help more families and children learn about nutrition.

And they’re about to do it with a working mobile kitchen.

“We have with us the first of the upcoming cooking carts that will allow food bank staff nutrition volunteers and our partner organizations to bring nutrition education into the community,” said Judith Smith-Meyer, Senior Communications Manager, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. .

“I think it’s important because it teaches young people about healthy choices other than junk food and gives them the confidence and skills they need to go into the kitchen and make a healthy snack,” said nutritionist Lori Crestfield of the Foodbank of Santa . Barbara.

In addition to cooking with the children, the food bank will use mobile carts with partner organizations to develop a new food education program and train volunteer educators.

“We’re going to be able to provide a lot more services to the whole community … be prepared for disasters … with more opportunities to provide nutrition education,” Smith-Meyer said.

The food bank hopes to purchase about a dozen mobile carts by next summer.

“I run the Parker Child Farmers Program and we don’t have a stove or a sink, so it’s exciting to have a Bruner and running water…it makes it easier to teach the kids,” said volunteer nutrition teacher Narbara Kilroy of the Foodbank. Santa Barbara County.

“My hope is that everyone will learn to cook for themselves and just be passionate about everything the world has to offer,” Martz said.

If you would like to help the food bank raise funds for mobile kitchens, log on to


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