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PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the Battle Royale subgenre. The game has unparalleled HD graphic quality and attractive game elements such as maps, modes and other cosmetics. Clothing, weapon skins and other in-game cosmetics are highly sought after by players.

However, players must have UC in their accounts to purchase these premium items. The game currency in PUBG Mobile is called UC or Unknown Cash and can only be purchased with real money. Therefore, not every player has the opportunity to add UC to their account and unlock the necessary item in the store. Because of this, they are looking for ways to get free UC, get the skins they want, and have fun with their friends and teammates.

This article discusses the top three ways to earn free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Three famous methods of free UC in PUBG Mobile

3) Redeem codes

Redeem codes are a great way to get lots of free stuff in PUBG Mobile, including free UC and EXP cards. From PUBG’s official social media accounts on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, players can get the following redemption codes. These codes are usually given by the developers during any official event to increase the overall viewing.

Players can get and use these codes by visiting the official redemption code page. To receive rewards by mail, players must paste the code into the box along with their character ID. These codes and unique outfit packs are often given away by developers for free with Elite Passes. In addition, the Elite Pass offers free UC to complete Elite missions and level up.

2) Play in custom rooms and tournaments online

The second way players can earn UC in PUBG Mobile is by participating in custom rooms and tournaments. Players can find various YouTubers and other creators hosting custom-made online rooms and reading the winners of free UC and other prizes like Elite Pass and much more.

In addition, players can participate in competitions organized by Krafton and other tournament organizers. It’s a great way to test your gaming skills and improve your competitive experience. Players can participate in these tournaments using free services like Discord and Instagram, win them and use the money they receive to get free UC for the title.

1) Google Opinion Rewards:

One of the best ways for PUBG Mobile players to earn UC is through Google Opinion Rewards. The Google Play Store offers the app for free. It is completely safe to use the app designed and developed by Google. The idea of ​​”Get Paid”, whereby users are compensated for completing tasks assigned to them, is the premise of the app.

Google rewards its users for competing surveys offered in the app. Surveys take just a few seconds and feature random topics. By completing these surveys, users can earn money for their Google Play accounts. After receiving the required amount of money, PUBG players can redeem UC using their Google Play accounts in the in-game currency store.

Note: This list represents the author’s opinion only, so individuals should check all apps’ terms of service and privacy policies before using them.

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