Want to open a restaurant in Patna? Bihar Government will pay Rs 50 lakh to fulfill your dream. | Techy Kings


Now opening a roadside restaurant or dhaba in Patna will not be difficult. For this, investors should have their own land of one and a half acre, half acre or close to one acre. Despite having no land, one can fulfill the dream of opening a dhaba or a restaurant by taking a lease on the side of the highway. The tourism department will also give a grant of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 50 lakh to the investors.

According to a report published in daily Bhaskar, an official of the tourism department gave more information in this regard and said that the department may issue the application form in October for opening a hotel, dhaba or restaurant on the highway.

Work orders are also expected by December after scrutiny of papers in November. After that, the construction work has to be completed in 18 months. Its construction can be started from January 2023. At present, the work in the department regarding this scheme is going on at a fast pace.

Let us tell you that the department has plans to provide grants for opening 40 premium and 60 restaurants on around 23 highways in Bihar including Patna-Gaya, Patna-Vishali/Kesaria, Patna-Nalanda.

It is worth noting that within the next three years, the Bihar Tourism Department is going to open more than 150 dhaba-style restaurants and convenience centers on the roads connecting the tourist hubs.

However, the tourism department has also laid down certain conditions which investors planning to open a dhaba or restaurant have to implement. Grant will also be given by the government only after implementing them. In these circumstances, an area of ​​at least 5,000 square feet has been made mandatory for the food plaza including the kitchen. It should have a seating capacity of 50 to 60 people.

Along with this, it is mandatory for the investors opening a dhaba or restaurant on the side of the highway to arrange parking in 10 thousand square feet of total land.


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