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In a conversation with Urvi Shrivastav, Editorial Lead, BW ESG, BW Businessworld; Sudhir Goel, Chief Business Officer, Acer India, talks about sustainability as part of the company’s goals and the role they play in the same.

What are the actions taken by Acer to promote sustainable business practices?

It is the responsibility of every company to promote a future where companies focus on a healthy environment. As a tech-based company, we aim to provide institutions with more options to reduce their carbon footprint. Acer recently launched its Vero series product range globally as well as in India. For this and other initiatives, we have been selected for RE 100 Associates, and rewarded for the same. We have taken initiatives across our product range to promote a sustainable future in our services and product range.

How does the Vero series add to Acer’s durability index?

We strongly believe in reduce, reuse, recycle. This is firmly embedded in our Vero series, which is accomplished using post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. We have recycled 30 percent of the material used in the Vero Series in PCR, i.e. plastic. 50 percent of keyboards comply with PCR. At the same time, the Vero series is energy efficient and offers the same level of performance to the user. In the year We are ensuring that 30% of our products contain PCR plastic by 2025. Likewise, we are working with many of our suppliers to ensure they are all committed to RE 100 by 2025. We aim to achieve an 80 percent carbon reduction by 2050 compared to the baseline year of 2009.

What about Acer’s expansion plans for 2023, and how do they plan for sustainable expansion?

One is to raise awareness among people about the importance of a sustainable future using less plastic. For this we have taken various initiatives, for example, we have our ‘Project Humanity’; It is where we teach our consumers to use less plastic through various platforms. We have been running a few campaigns to raise awareness among our employees and suppliers about using less energy and how to help the environment and the earth. We have been recognized by the industry for these initiatives.

We also encourage consumers to practice the three Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle in all areas of their lives. For our supply chain partners, we have made it mandatory for them to use more recyclable products. However, this is an area that requires a lot of effort. We have introduced Aero series laptops with plans till 2023. Going forward, all of our desktops, keyboards, stationery products and other products in the portability category will use PCR compliant products.

What lessons will you take away from past experiences, especially in terms of supply chain and omni-channel?

We have seen an epidemic like we have never seen before. It makes us all fit for health. Realizing this, we launched the ‘Acer pure’ series of products, including air purifiers. We are getting into this product category, and Acer is going to launch more products from this family as time goes on. We are looking to develop clean air, clean water and clean energy solutions.

The second part is to the environment, everyone is trying to bring a better environment. In the year It includes initiatives by all stakeholders in the supply chain to become carbon neutral by 2050. We aim to achieve an 80 percent carbon reduction in our ecosystem by 2050. Today. Due to the pandemic, a large number of people have moved online for their daily purchases. We are moving in the same direction with the convenience of online shopping. We have partnered with big e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart, and we have our own Acer e-store. At the same time, there are consumers who like to see the look and feel of the product, its features, which further motivates the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčomni-channel.

As Acer is a tech-first company and recent developments like the launch of 5G will influence it. What is Acer’s contribution to this new technology?

5G is still in its infancy, but hopefully by 2023, the big telcos will decide to offer this offering, at least in big cities. It will definitely be a game changer as it will provide better performance. Being a technology first company, we are the first to launch 5G laptops globally in 2021.

Acer is a supporter of Make In India, what are the initiatives taken by Acer in this field?

Acer is a strong supporter of the global brand environmental touch. Consequently, when we started Acer in India in 1999, we started manufacturing in Pondicherry. At that time, the focus was on the stationery products that were in the market at the time, such as laptops and servers. We have been working with the government on how to move manufacturing to India, not only for domestic consumption but also for the export market. Last year we ventured into manufacturing monitors, tablets and notebooks as product categories. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to develop our ecosystem in India. Therefore, we are associated with some electronic manufacturing services, technology, business, etc.

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