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T-Mobile in its 2022 is going to announce the results of the third quarter on October 27. We expect the carrier to report earnings of around $0.70 per share, slightly above consensus estimates and up about 27% year-over-year. We forecast that the revenue will reach about 20.1 billion. US dollars, which will be in line with the agreed estimates and remain roughly unchanged from last year. So what are the key trends that could drive revenue? Check out our interactive dashboard analysis T-Mobile Earnings Review For more information on how T-Mobile’s revenue and earnings are likely to trend for the quarter.

Now, T-Mobile’s key performance indicators have been improving in recent quarters. Much of the momentum T-Mobile is seeing comes from its industry-leading 5G network, which is helping to attract more customers and raise prices. During 2022 the company added 723,000 postpaid phone subscribers in the second quarter, and we expect the momentum to continue in the third quarter as the company completes the integration of its merger with Sprint.
and perhaps notice less customer interest. For perspective, postpaid wireless phones posted a swing of just 0.80% in the second quarter, falling below Verizon for the first time. T-Mobile has also made waves in the broadband space, adding 560,000 new broadband subscribers with its fixed-wireless broadband offering in the most recent quarter, compared to cable behemoth Comcast.
which has not added any internet subscribers. T-Mobile’s margins may also improve slightly due to the retirement of Sprint’s legacy network, which is likely to be completed by the end of the third quarter, and additional ad savings could come from the lower level of layoffs the company is seeing. .

While T-Mobile stock looks a little expensive right now, 2023 is the time to look. trading at roughly 21 times combined earnings versus Verizon and AT&T, which trade at single-digit multiples, future earnings are likely to increase as synergies from the Sprint deal are realized. . This should also lead to a meaningful increase in cash flow. Previously, T-Mobile led from $13 billion. USD up to 14 billion USD of free cash flow in 2023, compared to approx.6 billion USD in 2021, but noted that in 2026 this number may reach 18 billion. USD. The increased cash flow is expected to help fund a significant share buyback and could also support T-Mobile’s stock price. We value T-Mobile at approximately $163 per share, which is approximately 22% above the current market price. Check out our analysis T-Mobile’s assessment: Expensive or Cheap For more information on what determines our company’s cost estimate. Also check out our analysis T-Mobile’s revenue For more information on the company’s main business segments and expected revenue trends.

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