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One of a kind, a talent management and influencer marketing company that elevates a diversity of talent.

A leading gaming talent and influencer organization ‘XNetwork’ and regional talent/influencer management organization ‘7Sis Media’ have partnered to form a new company ‘KnightOwl Media’. KnightOwl Media is a results driven, influencer marketing and talent management company managing top YouTube influencers across India. It further elevates organizations and companies to develop and scale up their brand through engaging content.

XNetwork is the market leader in gaming influencer talent management, while 7Sis works to uplift the content creators in Northeast India. KnightOwl Media brings together a pool of talent and brings together new ideas, talent and stories to deliver measurable solutions for the next generation of internet creators.

Influencer marketing is no longer just about the number of followers or subscribers. It’s about creating meaningful relationships with your fans through authenticity, transparency and trust. It’s about building credibility by being yourself while delivering compelling content that meets their needs as consumers and viewers. With this core philosophy in mind, KnightOwl aims to create more disruptive campaigns with industry leaders in the gaming, lifestyle and entertainment sectors.

The aim of launching the new company is to develop an agency that stands out among other agencies offering a more exclusive and diverse talent with a strong focus on results-driven brand campaigns. The new platform already has 30+ influencers on board with a total fan base of over 200 million.

Amlanjyoti Khanikar, Co-Founder, KnightOwl Media, “To create engaging experiences, brands need to work with talent agencies that help them find talent and vice versa. We saw a huge gap in the Indian market for a planned influencer marketing strategy, as there is a exponential growth in the number of content creators and influencers.By forming this company, we aim to bridge the gap between Indian brands and influencers and execute unprecedented brand collaborations for our partners.”

KnightOwl Media will accelerate powerful campaigns for the brand, bring ideas to life and work with several leading industry giants in the gaming, entertainment and lifestyle space through this platform. XNetwork handles famous Indian creators, such as Lokesh Gamer, AS Gaming, RaiStar, Gyan Gaming and ADITECH123.

Speaking about the formation of KnightOwl, XNetwork Co-Founder Dheeraj Jorwal said, “In India, many aspiring internet creators are spread across even the remote parts of the country. But the lack of guidance and effective marketing strategies prevent them from reaching their audience. As a result, the already successful companies not growing at the rate they want due to lack of resources and manpower.This is where we come in, we strive to help our clients create their own content and market it effectively to reach a wider audience. “

7Sis Media is entirely driven by uplifting the creators of Northeast India and has partnered with influencers such as TheUK07Rider, Dimpu Baruah, I Love Travel and Food and Harpal Saikia.

Sahil Hussain, Co-Founder 7Sis Media, “India has a diverse pool of influencers from different demographics, who need effective talent management and representation. Moreover, we have grown to understand the dynamics of the Indian gaming industry over the years. With the launch of KnightOwl, we aim to convey creative ideas, strategic marketing strategies and guidance to influencers on what is best for their growth and brand collaborations. Additionally, as we move forward in the new digital age, we will continue to drive effective and relatable campaigns and collaborations for influencers and brands.”


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