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gets a new look and some additional features. For one thing, you’ll be able to pinch to zoom in on the video in the iOS and Android apps. When you remove your fingers, the video will remain zoomed. It seems to be a convenient option for anyone who is about to browse Taylor Swift’s new videos and look for Easter eggs. YouTube launched in August and is now available to everyone.

Another feature should make it easier to get to the right part of the video. On desktop and mobile, you’ll be able to drag up or swipe up while browsing a video to see a row of thumbnails (you can see a bit on Netflix). As YouTube suggests, this should help you avoid rewinding too far when you’re watching a tutorial and want to watch a step again.

YouTube ambient mode


The image area has a new ambient mode that changes the app’s background color to match the video. Nate Koechley, YouTube’s director of UX, describes it as a subtle effect that uses dynamic color selection to draw users’ eyes to videos and focus more on the content.

Ambient mode will also be available on video playlists. On web and mobile viewing pages, you’ll see ambient mode when you enable the dark theme. In this regard, dark mode will soon look even darker on the web, mobile and smart TVs.

YouTube ambient mode for playlists


Elsewhere, YouTube links will now appear as buttons in video descriptions. The service has replaced common actions like like, share and download to “reduce distractions” as well. Also, the subscribe button will get a new look – it will be a pill-shaped button instead of a rectangle. While the button will no longer be red, YouTube suggests that the high-contrast redesign will help it stand out more on the watch and channel pages.

YouTube is rolling out these changes today. They should be rolling out to everyone in the next few weeks.

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