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Zee Media has expressed concern over the entire structure of the credit rating agency and their operational transparency vis-à-vis the news industry.

In a bold and decisive decision, Zee Media has decided to exit BARC Ratings. This decision is a milestone for the entire news media industry, there are more than 5-8 million people associated with the news and broadcasting industry at large who are adversely affected if wrong reporting is published by the credit rating agencies and it has been observed in recent months that the news genre is shown shrinking by BARC ( rating agency) to extend the benefit to GEC and other genres at large.

Zee Media had raised their concerns several times to BARC and had questioned the entire structure and their operational transparency vis-a-vis the news industry which represents MEDIA and is usually referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy. It is pertinent to point out here that the rating agency has failed to address the concerns of News Industry and Zee Media.

BARC has not given any white paper on TRP fraud till now and it is a matter of great concern that who all were involved in this abuse and if still part of the system (people/channels) and what action has been taken against them.. .?

Biggest concern and challenge is that BARC has not given any solution or accepted as they continue to report for landing pages and barker pages that affect ratings positively for those who use these at the risk of others who do not subscribe to these unethical practices.

Second, the news genre is shown continuously shrinking since BARC Data was restarted, while on the contrary when the data was stopped, the genre was at its peak. Despite several meetings and talks with BARC, the agency has not only failed but has not been able to explain such a steep fall. drastic changes in viewership are hurting the revenue/perception of the news genre for the advertising fraternity, this is the biggest decline in the last 25-30 years of the industry which is unprecedented and far from reality.

The company said in its official statement: “We have repeatedly pointed out that a much larger sample (of meters) is needed if BARC is serious about ensuring a measurement process that cannot be rigged or tampered with, which they have also failed to do until now.

Digitally, Zee News is No.1 in ComScore as well as in You Tube which is the real information and cannot be manipulated. But the BARC ratings show the completely opposite and different picture, while the same content is placed on both platforms, again pointing to inconsistencies in reporting methods.

BARC’s new data reporting process (4 week rolling average ie earlier daily/weekly) is also a major problem and due to this the research has no meaning or results for the content producers and they cannot plan or validate content performance.

BARC cannot answer or address any of our queries / questions / suggestions. Overall, as an industry body, we believe that due to the monopoly of the credit rating agency, the industry is suffering in a big way. Hence, Zee Media decided to withdraw from the rating agency and we have asked them to stop reporting all 14 channels of Zee Media with immediate effect.”


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